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Remember when games were simple, when all you had to do was run around the level collecting gems and avoiding the enemies? There was no story to get in the way, no stats to remember, no confusing gameplay. Just gems and enemies. 

It's my Birthday today (18th of August) and I wanted to release a simple game where you had to collect gems and avoid enemies before the time runs out. This is a minimalist game with retro gameplay.

However, I had to do something to bring it into the 21st century so this is a 6 degree of Freedom (i.e. flying around in 3D space) game where all the levels are procedurally generated. Even the music is procedurally generated using a custom AI music generator which is literally composing the music as you play. It may get some notes wrong sometimes, this is the first time it has been used in a game, so it may be a little nervous!

How to play - You need a Joypad to play this game at the moment!

The controls are simple, left stick moves you forwards or backwards and allows you to strafe left or right. The right stick allows you to look around. Use the shoulder buttons on the controller to roll left and right. Press 'start' or whatever your equivalent is to access the pause menu where you can invert the Y axis.

Oh, nearly forgot: don't let the enemies touch you, you'll notice when they are about to as the environment will turn red. If they do touch you, they take a lot of time from you. Don't worry though, each gem you collect will give you back time. 

Wow, nearly forgot this one too: Gems can be hard to find on the later levels to give you a bit of a hand if you press 'A' or 'X' on your joypad each gem will show a little locator that helps you track it. You only get 5 goes at this so use them wisely and they fade out over 2 minutes.  Also, if you're in your last 2 minutes on some of the larger levels they will automatically come on to give you that last bit of help!


Buy Now$7.99 USD or more

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Happy birthday :)
Nice! Might consider adding the moving inertia also to looking around? And perhaps increasing the rolI speed. I haven't encountered enemies yet, i guess they start appearing at a later level?

Thanks for playing it and glad you're enjoying it!

You mean add inertia on the yaw axis spin? I did consider it but wondered if it might induce motion sickness? I'll try it out :)

Which version were you playing? The MacOS or Windows? The timing is slightly different on each one - so much for the build once deploy everywhere of Unity ;)

yes, inertia for yaw and pitch (right stick).
Hehehe, yes i've already managed that :P though i'm quite prone.
Windows (xbox360 controller).