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The Indie Apocalypse is at its peak. All around our intrepid heroic indie developer is click-bait, not a single true journalist to be seen anywhere! Determined to discover their destiny our indie makes their way through the minefield of click-bait, gathering Metacritic scores as they go in the hope of finding the one true journalist destined to review their epic game.

Collect Metacritic scores and make it to the journalist to see what your review is. Touch any of the Click Bait and you'll lose one Metacritic point each time. There are 100 Metacritic points to collect (and lose) and your final review is based on what final collected score is.

Click Bait is a brutal game, very hard to play but the inspiration for it is trying to get press to cover your game which is equally brutal - so art imitates life. It was actually inspired by a tweet from a fellow game developer https://twitter.com/spiltmilkstudio/status/685067559411015680

Click Bait has many different quality settings. If you have a really good graphics card then go for the 'Fantastic' option - otherwise, run it in windowed mode or a lesser quality setting.

If you suffer from photo-sensitivity then this may not be the game for you! Be careful.

*** WINDOWS 10 USERS ***

Apparently there is a Unity bug where the game won't launch on a Windows 10 machine. I'm looking into it!

Update: Apparently it's Avast Pro security that stops the Unity launcher from working. If you disable the shields then Click Bait runs.

Published Jan 27, 2016
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Tags3D Platformer, Comedy, Unity


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