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Protect the universe from the evil Alien robots terror-bent on eliminating the Earth and all of Humanity! Take control of the ship and blast the hell out of anything that moves and if it doesn't move – blast it anyway to be sure.

Collect coins to get points and use those points to get power-ups. Choose wisely, the wrong power-up at the wrong time is the difference between a high-score and having to press 'Play' again. You were warned!

Key features

  • Evil Alien Robots terror-bent on destroying you and everyone else.
  • Semi-procedural game generation. Never play exactly the same game twice.
  • Super hard gameplay.
  • Super addictive gameplay.
  • Great training in mastering your blink reflex.
  • Source code available to buy so you can see how it was made.

Ever wanted to see how a super hard, addictive game is made? Now's your chance! Get your hands deep and dirty into the source code to Blast Em!

Source Code Terms and Conditions

The source code to Blast Em! is provided for educational purposes only. Under this provision you may:

  • Use portions of the code in your own unique games but if you do so you must give credit to Xiotex Studios.
  • You can distribute the portions of the Blast Em! code if you distribute your own code but the licence headers must remain in place.

You cannot:

  • Build and release a version of Blast Em! for commercial or non-commercial purposes.
  • Use the graphics from Blast Em! in any of your productions.
  • Use the music for Blast Em! in any of your own productions.
  • Distribute the music for Blast Em!

Note: This source code will only build in Unity version 4.x. It does not work in Unity 5.

Published Apr 22, 2015
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
TagsShoot 'Em Up, Side Scroller


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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